Enough food for everyone IF:

The campaign Enough Food for Everyone IF: was launched on 23 January. It aims to make ours the generation that gives everyone enough food.

More than 80 charities and organisations are working together to help change the future for millions of people who live with the day-to-day struggle of hunger.

The campaign coincides with the year when world leaders meet in the UK at the G8 Summit. They have the power to change a future where it is estimated that hunger and malnutrition will trap almost one billion young people in poverty by 2025, but they’ll need some persuading – just like the Make Poverty History campaign worked before.


If we give enough aid to stop children dying from hunger and help the poorest families have enough food to live.

If we stop poor farmers being forced off their land, and we grow crops to feed people not fuel cars.

If governments stop big companies dodging tax in poor countries, so that millions of people can free themselves from hunger.

If we force governments and investors to be open and honest about the actions that prevent people getting enough food.

Be part of IF!

Sign up at www.enoughfoodIF.org and promote the campaign in your local church and community