Amnesty International Greetings Card campaign

As usual in the lead up to Christmas and the new year, Amnesty International UK is asking supporters to send cards with messages of hope and solidarity to victims of human rights abuse and those who support and defend them.

Amnesty International explains:

“Every card matters. For prisoners of conscience, for families whose relatives have disappeared, for people in danger for defending human rights, the cards bring comfort and hope; they offer encouragement and support, and raise spirits. Above all they are a sign that people care.

The cards can also make an impression on police officers, prison staff and political authorities – and that can help to improve the way they treat individuals at risk.”

Amnesty provides a list of possible recipients, some background information about each person and her or his case, an address and some guidance on the message, including whether or not it is appropriate to send a Christmas card with a religious message.

You can find out more at:

On Monday 21 November, the parish church in a Somerset village is open for an hour in the morning for anyone to drop in and send a card. Does your church or could your church do similar and encourage such acts of kindness and solidarity.