Keep the 50p tax rate

Church Action on Poverty works with church and community groups across the UK to make tackling poverty a priority. Their work involves educating churches about poverty in the UK; enabling people in poverty to speak for themselves; working for policies to eradicate poverty; and promoting reflection and action for social justice. Their latest campaign invites us to write to our local paper about Fair Taxes.

Some politicians have recently begun pressing publicly for the 50p tax rate to be scrapped. At a time when the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK are feeling the worst impact of spending cuts, it is morally indefensible for the wealthiest 1% – the only people who pay the 50p rate – to complain about being asked to pay their fair share. 

Church Action on Poverty urgently need people like us to speak out in favour of Fair Taxes, so they’ve set up a really simple online action which helps  us to write to our local newspaper.

Source: Church Action on Poverty 2011

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