Greetings at Christmas

At this time, many of us are writing our Christmas cards, greeting family and friends old and new across the world.

Many people will be living rough at this time of unduly severe austerity, with harsh economic cuts and welfare changes that often hit the poor harder than the rich. There is worsening poverty and the streets already show signs of more people losing their homes and having nowhere else to live.

The Salvation Army will be giving those on the streets a greeting card, letting people know that many will be thinking of them, as well as trying to do something to relieve their hardship at this time particularly.

And around the world, Amnesty International will be ensuring that those who are political prisoners are remembered and letting their government know that the world is aware of their plight and the injustice.

So why not add an extra two cards to your list – send a card c/o the Salvation Army and select from Amnesty’s list to greet a prisoner to give them a sign of hope at Christmas.

And as usual, Crisis will be supporting people at Christmas and depending upon volunteers to help on Christmas Day.

During this season of Advent Hope, how will share the good news and promote peace and justice for all?