Easter Monday

The messages of Easter Sunday were about hope and confidence for the future. The Church of England used the bold twitter hashtag #everythingchanges.

Easter Monday coincied with April Fools Day this year. Do our celebrations and resurrection hope on Easter Day make fools of us in the cold light of Monday?

This year, amongst the more traditional Easter messages from the churches, and in sharp contrast to the persecution complex rant of Lord Carey, the Baptist, Methodist, United Reformed Churches and the Church of Scotland attacked the benefit changes that came into force on April Fools Day.

The series of cuts to benefits will hit Britain’s poorest people the hardest. The churches say the cuts are unjust and that the most vulnerable will pay a disproportionate price in the Government’s austerity measures. Earlier in the year the churches had produced a report debunking the myths that are spread through the media, as well as the government that stigmatise people in poverty and are used to justify the cuts.

But the biggest April fool of all comes in the change in tax rules. On 6 April people earning over £1m will get a tax cut and save £42,000 a year. On the same day tax credits will be severely cut from millions of working families.

Let’s hope the churches continue to raise their voices in campaigning against this, the most unfair and foolish cut of all.