The value of cheap?

Major consideration of  values, habits and shopping at My-church. We’re still thinking about food poverty at my-church and have been listening to people who taking up the challenge to live on less than £1 a day for 5 days livebelowtheline When campaigning, in many ways, has become easier with the contact being just a click away we are wondering if any of us can manage such a challenge (and we already have a few vegetarians amongst us – which gets us halfway there!).  But most importantly we need to remember that whilst taking this action can be a campaigning choice – for many it is reality.  My-church has been most taken with seeing Jack Monroe and her blog site that manages to be honest, funny, challenging and hopeful all at the same time – and with great recipes.  Politicians need to get real and realise that this is how tough life is for people on income support.

From frugal food to cheap clothes – and the collapse of the eight-storey factory in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka on Wednesday.  More than 350 people  are known to have died and thousands had to be rescued. This member of the my-church collective has shopped in Primark, who have admitted that one floor of the factory supplied garments to their stores.  My pledge today is not to venture in their stores ever again.  The fabulous fair trade store People Tree has 20% off selected garments until midnight Sunday 28 April. There are some wonderful bargains.