nous sommes Charlie

I can’t be the only one who is looking at the horrific news from Paris and feeling the squeeze from extremes to liberal values. Appalled at the extreme murderess application of religion on the one hand and extreme right wing, anti immigration and islamaphobic politics on the other. It is a different world from the, no history, of the darkness that plunged Europe and the world to war in the middle o the last century but echoes are as uncomfortable as it feel impossible to address this new order. Religious leaders have tried to stand together but the response feels limp – and politicians are struggling to show appropriate leadership.  It is the movement of the usual silent majority that is moving and notable.  The immediate converging of thousands at the Place de la Concorde, the worldwide support via the twitter hashtag #JeSuisCharlie.  Can we hope that in the UK in this election year there may be a realisation that there needs to be kindness and solidarity – whilst the values of republican France were born from a bloody revolution and their application is sometimes a cause for question – maybe a new understanding of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, proclaimed afresh so profoundly in France could make a difference here as well.