Carers Week

Carers Week is a partnership of 9 national charities: Age UK, Carers UK, Counsel & Care, Crossroads Care, Dementia UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, MS Society, Parkinson’s UK, and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

Formed in 2001, the primary objectives of Carers Week are:

• Recognising and celebrating the contribution that the UK’s six million carers make to those they care for, and to their communities

 • Raising the profile of carers and the awareness about the needs and role of carers;  influencing and informing opinion-formers and decision-makers (such as MPs and healthcare professionals) and helping to secure increased resources for carers from central and local government

• Identifying ‘hidden carers’, with the aim of enabling them to access support and services

• Encouraging local organisations to work together to promote recognition, support and services for carers

 • Highlighting the support and services that Carers Week national partners offer to carers

Carers Week is also about celebrating the contribution that carers make to those they care for, and bringing to the fore the issues carers tell us are most important to them.

This year the Week has been highlighting:

  • the huge impact and contribution that carers make is often unrecognised by society
  • carers need and deserve access to better support and services
  • recognition by professionals, and by others who impact on carers day-to-day lives, can help to make a massive difference.
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