Fairtrade Fortnight February 24 to March 9

Fairtrade is a simple way we can make a difference and use our consumer power for good. Better prices for third world producers, decent working conditions, local sustainability, fair terms of trade between north and south and community development can result.

“Fairtrade has brought lots of changes to women’s lives … We have a voice and we are listened to … It is changing the status of women generally in the community.” Bintu Dambile, a cotton farmer in a co-operative in Mali who have decided to invest their Fairtrade premium in adult literacy.

There is a far greater choice of Fairtrade items now, many of them everyday essentials such as foodstuffs, clothing and homeware, as well as gifts.

What does Fairtrade mean?

  • A minimum price is paid to Fairtrade producers covering their costs of production
  • The producers receive an additional Fairtrade premium, an extra amount of money to invest in their communities on economic, social or environmental projects
  • Workers on farms get rights like decent wages and are allowed to join trade unions under Fairtrade
  • Producers in Fairtrade co-operatives always get a democratic say in decisions, including women

This Fairtrade Fortnight buy Fairtrade, commit to continuing to buy Fairtrade and encourage your church and other organisations to use Fairtrade. Ask your local shop and other outlets such as a cafes, cinemas, railway stations, a workplace to stock Fairtrade or to expand its range of Fairtrade items. Promote Fairtrade to your family, friends and colleagues and tell them how easy it is to support and the difference it makes.

There are thousands of Fairtrade items to buy – cotton clothes, flowers, sugar, wines, fruit, snacks, honey, juice, nuts, body scrub, cereal bars, rice, scarves, tea and coffee, and chocolate.

Find out more at www.fairtrade.org.uk, join them on facebook.co.uk/fairtrade or follow them on twitter @fairtradeuk