World Environment Day

Respect the earth.

As individuals, remember the 5 Rs.
Reduce consumption and waste
Reuse and choose reusable and rechargeable items
Repair items wherever possible
Refurbish serviceable items
Recycle materials and goods which cannot be repaired or refurbished.
Other ways to act in sustainable ways:
use recycled paper
use solar powered and wind-up gadgets
use your doorstep collection 
encourage your council to expand the range of items it takes for recycling from the kerbside/doorstep.

As a faith community

make your building as sustainable as possible
monitor heating levels and consider your lighting needs
use recycled paper and the intranet as far as possible to minimise use of paper at meetings
make a cycle rack available in the car park
boost insulation, glazing and consider installing solar panels if your roof is appropriate Рthere should be financial savings in it as well
host recycling skips in the car park so that users of the building have ready access to facilities to dispose of waste in more sustainable ways.
ave a ‘green’ church meeting to discuss ways the church may go green and become an eco-congregation as Bethseda has in Cheltenham (see For the world).